Lexia programmes

Does your child struggle with reading but doesn’t have time to attend tutoring sessions? Or do you home-school your child and would like to make use of an on-line literacy programme? Lexia’s on-line literacy programmes provide explicit, systematic, personalised learning on critical reading and language skills, and delivers real-term performance data. Lexia Reading Core5 is a comprehensive Year 1 to 6 literacy curriculum that allows students of all abilities to work at their own pace and skill level. Lexia PowerUp Literacy has been specially designed to provide age appropriate, engaging reading intervention for Years 7 and above. Clever Kids Education is a provider of Lexia reading programmes. We can get your child started on Lexia, provide regular progress reports and resources.  At the end of each term, a one-on-one feedback session is provided.  Contact Clever Kids today to get your child subscribed to a Lexia programme.

What parents and pupils say about Clever Kids

Clever Kids provides a relaxed and positive learning environment and the tutors are experienced and passionate people who care about the students, and like parents, want them to reach their potential and be happy. This is supported by Victoria’s comments about how nice her tutor is, that she always looks forward to her session and “Mum, I like maths now”.


I joined Clever Kids and have never looked back. I got my confidence back and enjoy maths now, thanks to Warren and his team. Clever Kids has helped me heaps. I understand things easier and enjoy maths. I am now a year 10 and continue at Clever Kids, passing my maths tests with merits and excellences.