What parents and pupils say about Clever Kids Education

Children of all ages, levels and from a range of backgrounds have been tutored at Clever Kids Education New Plymouth. Here’s what some of them and their parents said:

Before I started at Clever Kids Education New Plymouth, there were a lot of things I didn’t understand. After my school teacher had explained to me in a sort of hurry, I still didn’t get it and didn’t want to put my hand up and ask her again, because I would feel like an idiot in front of my class mates. Warren was so understanding and patient and helped me to sort out the things I didn’t understand. I hated fractions and thought they were the most ghastly things on earth, now they are a piece of cake and I can’t wait to get into them. With algebra, I didn’t understand why there were letters in maths and couldn’t get my head around it. Now I’m not so frustrated and am going through the process of understanding it. Throughout the year I had only ever passed my maths tests with ‘achieves’, now I am passing with ‘merits’. For me and my maths, Clever Kids is the best thing that’s happened to me.


I started Clever Kids Education New Plymouth at primary school, needing help with my maths and English. I improved so much, that I even stopped Clever Kids for a while!! But then I changed schools and had a really bad year in year 8 and failed all my maths tests. My teacher at the time, wasn’t very understanding and didn’t care that some of the maths questions, I hadn’t even learnt at my previous school. She only seemed interested in the kids that were good at maths. I began to hate maths and lost all confidence in it, becoming too scared to put my hand up in class, fearing I would give a wrong answer. I joined Clever Kids and have never looked back. I got my confidence back and enjoy maths now, thanks to Warren and his team. Clever Kids has helped me heaps. I understand things easier and enjoy maths. I am now a year 10 and continue at Clever Kids, passing my maths tests with merits and excellences.


My two girls were really struggling with maths. They had lost their confidence, and had become really worried about attending their maths class. To be honest, I have forgotten a lot of the Maths that I learnt in my younger days and didn’t feel confident at all to be able to help my kids with their maths homework. Clever Kids Education New Plymouth was recommended to me, and so I enrolled my girls. What a difference. They have gone from struggling, to absolutely nailing maths problems with ease. They enjoy maths at school and love attending Clever Kids. Their confidence has soared and the staff at Clever kids are awesome, with their patience and understanding ways. I am so proud of the way my children have progressed, now passing their maths tests with the majority of their grades being merits and excellences.

Warren and his team at Clever Kids are “Simply the Best”.


The staff at Clever Kids Education New Plymouth are always helpful and accommodating. Nick’s concerns regarding a particular area of mathematics were quickly resolved and his confidence restored.

Sue Burrell

Dec 2014